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GlobalSaké Q2 Recap

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

GlobalSaké is a collective community of global tech leaders (80% client-side, 20% LSP) driving multilingual, multi-geo solutions for the diverse populations of the world. We bring people together across functions, cultures, and borders, to share rounded-perspective industry insights & latest innovations. We offer year-round virtual events and in-person experiences, creating meaningful connections & collaborations. Each event is dedicated to a specific industry challenge and features a live world concert tied to that theme. Sounds intriguing? Join us here!

So what have we been up to in Q2?

Interactive virtual conference on Process, June 2: We explored how to render the relevant geo-fit user experiences with automated, integrated, circular (vs linear) workflows in simship deploys on a global scale. Adobe shared their product culturalization process for its latest Creative Cloud Express (CCX) launch. Since much of my work has been focused on product geo-fit adaptation for adoption in new markets (mostly required for Japan, Germany, China, Brazil, MENA), I was particularly inspired by Adobe’s deep dive on designing for Japan in an "innovate or die" hyper-local corporate mind-shift. You simply cannot argue with the impact data: 60% of customers engaging with native (vs global) templates & typography—convert!

Pinterest shared their game-changer process for introducing "international copy" during the upfront ideation phase vs at the too-late tail-end post-production point and showcased their new Predicts “not yet trending trends” performance in different markets. Multilingual Connections took us on a “virtual tour in the museum” and shared their creative problem solving for multiple challenges in multilingual museum exhibit displays. Lilt shared their 2022 State of Global Experience Report with applied learnings.

And, to top it all, we sat back & relaxed to the transcending tunes of Chapi Pineda--live concert by the Flamenco guitar maestro from Córdoba, who toured with legendary Camaron and Paco de Lucia! His music invoked the infinite freedom within the rigid mathematical pattern structure of Flamenco melodies--closing the loop on our Process theme of the day.

GlobaLeap, our in-person industry networking party in San Francisco was on June 9. We leaped into the Future, exploring how we can leverage the new-frontier technologies to make our products more relevant, accessible, and inclusive for worldwide usability. We had a thought-provoking panel discussion with Intel, Uber, XTM International, and ModelFront & Lilt keynote.

LocWalks™: When I started our first GlobalSaké LocWalk early this year, it was soon clear that these outdoor experiences were meant to keep walking around the globe. And walk they did…We came together with fellow localization folks for a walk in San Francisco, kept walking in Madrid, Los Angeles, Golden Colorado, Berlin…Dublin, Tel Aviv and other cities to follow. With the help of our glorious global partners, goal is to keep walking in every continent on the planet! These in-person outdoor active experiences are the antidote for the indoor on-screen siloed work environments many of us are trapped in. We re-connect, re-charge, and re-member the power or memorable moments, in movement.

So far (mid-year), we’ve had 500+ industry leads attending GlobalSaké 2022 events, and we expect 1,000+ by year end. Hope to see you at the Q4 virtual event and in-person on a path near you!

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