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GlobalSaké Experiences

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Interested in leading a GlobalSaké LocWalk™?

In 2023, GlobalSaké will continue leading LocWalks™ across the globe with the support of our awesome local-geo partners and community members. Our goal is to offer LocWalks™ in every continent on our planet!

Enhanced LocWalks™

Our 2022 LocWalks™ around the globe were a huge hit! In 2023, we'll have boosted LocWalk™ experiences with content (curated speakers in fireside chats) and culture (curated live international performances), in addition to the hike + picnic + sake tasting. These events will be "outdoor mini conferences"--a new way of experiencing industry content and connections.


These are some of the GlobalSaké LocWalks™ that are in the works:

Past GlobalSaké LocWalks™ in 2023:

Our GlobalSaké LocWalks™ travel around the globe and are designed for industry relationship building in small, intimate groups. Space is limited, so be sure to secure your spot asap!

Learn more about the GlobalSaké 2023 program here and join the Q2 industry interactive virtual event on June 15  dedicated to New Technologies in Multilingual AI Solutions. Stay tuned as we finalize the program for our June 22 In-Person Event + Party in San Francisco.

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