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GlobalSaké Experiences

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Interested in leading a GlobalSaké LocWalk™?

In 2023, GlobalSaké will continue leading LocWalks™ across the globe with the support of our awesome local-geo partners and community members. Our goal is to offer LocWalks™ in every continent on our planet!

Enhanced LocWalks™

Our 2022 LocWalks™ around the globe were a huge hit! In 2023, we'll have boosted LocWalk™ experiences with content (curated speakers in fireside chats) and culture (curated live international performances), in addition to the hike + picnic + sake tasting. These events will be "outdoor mini conferences"--a new way of experiencing industry content and connections.


These are some of the GlobalSaké LocWalks™ that are in the works:

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