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GlobalSaké 2023

It Takes a Planet: New Tech, New Markets, New Outlook

Save the dates for GlobalSaké 2023 year-round programs!

Enhanced 2023 LocWalks


Our 2022 LocWalks around the globe were a huge hit! In 2023, we'll have boosted LocWalk experiences with content (curated speakers in fireside chats) and culture (curated live international performances), in addition to the hike + picnic + sake tasting. These events will be "outdoor mini conferences"--a new way of experiencing industry content and connections. These are some of the locations we're already booking: San Francisco/Bay Area, Los Angeles, Dublin, Tokyo, Barcelona/Madrid, Boulder CO, Tacoma/Seattle, New York/Boston, Sweden. 

If you’d like to get involved and learn more about speaking and sponsorship opportunities in 2023, email us now at

In 2023, each GlobalSaké event includes:

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