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GlobalSaké Q1 Event: Inclusive Design

March 2, 2023. 9am - 11:30m PT

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How do we make our products accessible, usable, and valuable for the diverse populations of the world?

How do we design fitted products, adaptive to different user environments and use-case-specific scenarios in a rapidly changing world?

In this event, we’ll explore localization as an upfront inclusive design enablement. And we’ll share different case studies from exciting companies designing and adapting product experiences for new markets and new-frontier environments on our planet and beyond.

Program (We're adding more session and speakers - stay tuned!)

9:00-9:05 am - GlobalSaké 2023 Kickoff and Welcome message


 Talia Baruch, CoFounder CEO at GlobalSaké

john hayato profile.jpg

John Hayato Branderhorst, Cofounder COO at GlobalSaké

9:05-9:15 am - Interactive warm up: Product Nationality Origin--True or False? 

9:15-9:30 am - Designing products for Usability in the Deep Space: NASA Artemis 1 mission story--early human settlement in outer space. In this talk, Studio Nomadity and Tiko will share the challenges, solutions and next-gen new technologies in their cross-continental co-creation collaboration of NASA's astronaut protective vest for spaceborne radiation. This project is a part of NASA's early human settlement mission in outer space--Moon, Mars and Beyond. Learn more here.

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Yoav Tikochinsky.jpeg

Yoav Tikochinsky, Founder of Tiko

9:30-9:45 am - Inclusive-First Design: The Global Lens of Nike's Product Design System UI/UX, new release case study. In this talk, Mary will share Nike's latest release of its PDS (Product Design System), an auto tool for rendering internationalized assets: geo-fit branded typography, color scheme and other formats across Nike's apps interface for right-fit usability by user geolocation and locale interface.

Mary Mulvey.jpeg

Mary Mulvey, Senior Program Manager Global Readiness at Nike

9:45-10:00 am - No Language Left Behind--localizing into non-script low-resource languages.  How do we translate the concept of "MRI" in a language where "airplane" is called "iron chicken"? How do we render language models in Hopi--a language lacking the past tense? In this talk, Mila Golovine, President & CEO of MasterWord, will share a case study on scenario localization for verbal Mayan Languages.

Ludmila Golovine.jpeg

Mila Golovine, President & CEO of MasterWord

10:15-10:30 am - Live Cultural Show: Clássicos do Forró from Brazil. After Smaba and Loco...we bring you the Forró Trio on drum, accordion and triangle with vocals. Chris and band will play a couple of live concert sets and share about Forró's unique cultural rhythm

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10:30-11:00 am - Connection: Breakout Rooms. Guided networking discussion digests in intimate settings.

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