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The Future of Function


Sink or Soar: What do companies need to do today to stay relevant tomorrow?

What's Next in product innovation solutions across the globe?

The Future of Function |  Content and Connections

GlobalSaké events are about the synergy between International and Innovation. We believe that real innovative problem solving comes when people connect across functions, cultures, and borders to leverage the diverse perspectives. In this virtual event, we bring you the next-gen new-frontier solutions in the global virtual bubble. We'll feature exciting case studies and thought leaders from around the world. We’ll explore latest exponential technologies in Industrial IoT4.0, AR, VR, AI and Mixed Reality shaping how we'll work, communicate, collaborate, prototype, learn, heal, date, and eat in 2021 and beyond. We'll explore how resilient companies rapidly respond to radically changing environments to deliver relevant value propositions for global audiences.

Experts Roundtables: We'll break into specialized Roundtable sessions across Asia, Europe, MENA and the Americas. Each is a deep-dive into a specific industry challenge of your choice! 

October 22, 2020
Global, virtual event


AM Sessions: 9am-12noon PST

Future of Function--Industrial IoT 4.0.

What If... you could remove all the obstacle noise in the product early phase of ideation prototyping and unleash your limitless creative dev/design solutions from the get-go? Brady Bruce, CMO at Tempo Automation, will walk us through The Automated Factory of the Future, where machines chatter with AI-enhance software, where fabrication simulators enable exponential multi-prototyping with new opportunities in product value launches.

Speaker: Brady Bruce, CMO at Tempo Automation

Human-Centered Universal Mindsets: Data-driven designs adapted for global audiences 

In this keynote talk, Christian will share exciting case studies of data visualization shaping narratives and experiences in our new collective world. 

Speaker: Christian Marc Schmidt, Founder and Principal, Schema Design. (ex Interaction Design at IDEO). TEDx speaker.

In the virtual global bubble: Future of Work, Collaboration and Communication

How do we successfully lead remote work and restore the company culture and communication between our local in-country hubs and HQ, now when individuals are isolated in solo hubs? How do we effectively align OKRs across remote teams? In the global digital space, do we even have “domestic” vs “international” or are we all now in the same “virtual global bubble”? This session will explore interactive next frontier technologies in AI/AR/VR & Mixed Reality, with a Design Thinking approach to solving these global problems.

Speakers: Added soon, stay tuned!

Weaving straw into gold: Airbnb Tokyo Olympics and Tinder case studies

In this session, we'll feature how resilient companies rapidly respond to radical market changes and reposition their value proposition for new market fit. Airbnb Tokyo Olympics experiences and Tinder will share case studies of product challenges and solutions from around the globe.


- Emily Misleh, Director of Airbnb Olympics & Paralympics

- Andy Andersen, International Product Growth at Tinder                  

On the Spectrum: From content localization to transcreation and all the sweet way to local content origination.


In this session, we'll share the process of content transcreation and local content origination and its impact to the business bottomline.

Speaker: Paul Mangell, CMO at Alpha CRC

Global is the new Local: Designing for planet Earth and Outer space

We'll explore how global is now becoming the new local, developing interdisciplinary and interplanetary earthshots and moonshots new-frontier technology products for planet earth and outer space.

Speakers: Added soon, stay tuned!

PM Sessions: 5:30-8pm PST

Happy Hour International Interaction: Localized Saké live demo

In this fun interaction session, Colorado Saké will demonstrate how Saké is localized and culturalized into different markets to fit the local palette. Kanpai!



William Stuart, Owner of the Colorado Sake Company

Future of Food: latest innovative solutions in food technology and experiences - cases studies from around the globe. 

How do we optimize personalized consumer food experiences? In this session, we'll explore topics such as farm to table--direct to consumer models, vertical farming innovations, and the intersection of local food and emergency response.


Björn Öste, Co-founder of Good Idea Inc, Oatly AB, Aventure AB and Crop Tailor AB

- Matthew Cohen, Founder and CEO of Off the Grid

Sugar Roundtable: a taste sampler of multiple innovative sweet solutions to water your mouth.

This session is about bringing together sugar innovators, investors, CPG's, manufacturers, nutritioners, and chefs/bakers/chocolatiers to generate an exciting conversation about fortified ingredient solutions, with a deep-dive focus on Sugar. We'll explore how we can maximize the sweet taste sensation while radically reducing the global sugar footprint. We’ll feature “straight from the oven” insights from around the world, leading to relevant business collaboration opportunities.


Liat Cinamon, VP Business Development and Marketing at DouxMatok

 Additional speakers added soon!

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