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GlobalSaké Q2 Event: New Tech

June 15, 2023. 9am - 12pm PT

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Want to attend with your team? We are running a "Buy 3, Get 1 Free" Promotion. Order 3 tickets and we will send you a code for a free 4th ticket. 

This event will include sign language interpretation viewing thanks to GlobalSaké sponsor, MasterWord

Sign Language Interpreters:


Israel Rivera, Staff ASL Interpreter, Deaf Hard of Hearing at MasterWord


9:00-9:05 am - GlobalSaké 2023 Kickoff and Welcome message

9:05-9:30 am - ChatGPT vs NMT: The Global-First Revolution from linear translations to multilingual content origination in dynamic instant deploys. We’re reaching the pivot point in the localization industry where the traditional paradigm of linear translations from English source into non-English target languages is gradually giving way to a global-first, on-the-go circular flow, where real-time, in-context generation of multilingual content origination is what’s up.


How will the power of AI large language models impact Neural Machine Translation performance in a rapidly changing world where global-first real-time rendering becomes the singular scalable solution? We already see ChatGPT adoption in mainstream MTs for error detection, accuracy post-edit, and as a look-up context tool for multilingual content creation. What’s next? And how will GPT-4 disrupt the Localization industry and simship global product launches?


Arle Lommel.jpeg

Arle Lommel, Senior Analyst at CSA Research



Olga Beregovaya, VP, AI and Machine Translation at Smartling

Jane Nemcova .jpeg
Alon Lavie.jpeg

Alon Lavie, VP of Language Tech at Unbabel

Jay Marciano.jpeg

Jay Marciano, Director, Machine Translation Outreach & Strategy at Lengoo. AMTA President 

9:30-9:45 am - Productizing AI Solutions--technology vs compliance. AI technologies advance in innovation's speed of light, while the wheels of compliance churn slow. Effective AI solutions are already abundantly available for commercial use, but for them to become viable enterprise platforms, they need to comply with data security, scalability, connectivity, ease of management, adaptability, and full cost of ownership. This presentation will focus on practical implications of deploying Language AI solutions.

Bart Maczynski.jpeg

Bart Maczynski, VP Machine Learning at RWS Linguistic AI

Daniele Covelo .jpeg

Daniele Covelo, Manager of Major pharmaceutical and consumer health product company

9:45-10:00 am - From Text to Speech: Delivering Real-Time Human-AI Powered Voice at Scale. In this session, we will discuss how we build on a framework for delivering machine translation at scale, in order to deliver real-time voice solutions. We will share two case studies where generative AI voice technology, developed in collaboration with humans, is leveraged for distinct applications: dubbing for e-learning content with AWS Learning, and speech synthesis in the Voice for Purpose initiative.

John Tinsley.jpeg

John Tinsley, VP, AI Solutions at Translated

Jacob Garner - low res - Copy.jpg

Jacob Garner, Operations Specialist at MasterWord

10:00-10:15 am - Generative AI Voice Dubbing for the Game Market.  In this talk, we’ll explore how the flexibility of Generative AI applied to Synthetic Voices can enhance virtual dubbing solutions. We’ll cover the key features of this new-age technology, showcase how to maintain the “human in the loop” approach and observe the technology’s impact on language and audio skills that define new workflows.

Andrea Ballista.jpeg

Andrea Ballista, Cofounder CEO at VOISEED

Alessandra Vincenzi.jpeg

Alessandra Vincenzi, Head of Division - Audio Localization at Keywords Studios

10:15-10:30 am - How Generative AI Reshapes Localization and boost ROI. In this session, we’ll explore the limits and possibilities of AI Localization Knowledge Management, and examine Translation Memory, Machine Translation, and Glossary in light of a dynamic and generative approach to Knowledge. We’ll review the core challenges and opportunities of Generative AI in Localization.

Gabriel Fairman.jpeg

Gabriel Fairman, Founder & CEO at Bureau Works

Yao L.jpeg

Yao Li, Head of Machine Translation at Phrase

10:30-10:45am - Accessibility in Voice AI for Media: The role of in-context speech-to-text and Audio description, leveraging the Human and machine collaboration. What happens when we meet industry guidelines, but the audience experience isn’t equitable? How do we deal with bilingual captioning when technology wasn’t built for it? How do we better cater digital content for visually impaired users with the rise in Audio description? In this talk, we’ll examine today’s dilemmas in Media Accessibility, sharing recent case studies from the Oscars, Grammys, and Superbowl.

Michael Rosman.jpeg

Michael Rosman, VP Corporate Strategy at Verbit AI 

10:45-10:55 am - Live Cultural Show: Hungarian Bagpipes. 

Arle bagpipes.jpeg

Arle Lommel on Hungarian Bagpipes

10:55-11:25 am - Connection: Breakout Rooms. Guided networking discussion digests in intimate settings.


Olga Beregovaya, VP, AI and Machine Translation at Smartling

Konstantin Dranch.jpeg
Stefan Huyghe.jpeg

Stefan Huyghe, Vice President, Localization at Communicaid Language Solutions Inc

Jane Nemcova .jpeg
Andrea Ballista.jpeg

Andrea Ballista, Cofounder CEO at VOISEED

Kirti Vashee.jpeg

Kirti Vashee, Language Technology Evangelist at Translated

Bart Maczynski.jpeg

Bart Maczynski, VP Machine Learning at RWS Linguistic AI

Gabriel Fairman.jpeg

Gabriel Fairman, Founder & CEO at Bureau Works

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