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GlobalSaké 2022

2022 Year-In-Review Recap Videos, sharing some of the highlights from our quarterly events that cover the Human Factor, Process, Technology, and Geo-Fit:

In 2022, GlobalSaké continued The ParlamINT, our annual program that includes quarterly virtual events sharing localization and global growth insights along with in-person parties and LocWalks throughout the year.


The full program for each of our 2022 quarterly events can be found here:

Come for the Content. Stay for the Connections. Be a member of the global Community.

Q4 Event Highlight Reel

Q4 Event: Geo-Fit | December 1, 2022. 9am - 12pm PST

We explored insights from latest launch stories and learned how different companies, HQ'd in different countries, applied rounded Product and Content Market-Fit strategies to maximize adoption in new markets.

Q3 Event Highlight Reel

Q3 Event: Technology | September 1, 2022. 9am - 12pm PST

The complex relationship between humans and machines: How do we leverage the new-frontier technologies for enhancing user experiences for the diverse populations of the world!

Q2 Event Highlight Reel

Q2 Event: Process | June 2, 2022. 9am - 12pm PST

Circular (vs linear) auto-integrated workflows, dynamically generating the relevant experience by user geolocation and interface language in instant deploys on a global scale. The shift from English source/non-English target translation flows to English as one of the multilingual support cycles on the go.

Q1 Event Highlight Reel

Q1 Event: The Human Factor | March 3, 2022. 9am - 12pm PST

 Understanding our international customers within the cultural context of their regional environment

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