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If your team or network would like to get access to the “All-Times Library” video recordings of GlobalSaké event presentations from 2017 to 2022 + attend the Q4 Interactive Virtual Event AND the Dec. 8 In-Person Industry Party, then you can now enjoy a limited time 50% discount promotion using the code GSVIP50 ($150 instead of $300 value)!


Teams can also leverage our "buy 3, get 1 free" tickets in group orders. Feel free to email us at with any questions about events, how to take advantage of any promotions, or exploring speaking and sponsorship opportunities at the GlobalSaké industry events. 

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In this GlobalSaké interactive virtual event, we'll feature the new-tech innovations applied to multilingual/multi-geo solutions in AI NMT (neural machine translation), NLP (natural language processing), STT (speech to text), TTS (text to speech), and voice synthesis in voice localization. As always, we’ll feature rounded, cross-functional case study perspectives for solving global challenges and discuss how we may extend technology to make our products more relevant, accessible, and inclusive on a global scale.

9:00-9:10 am - Welcome message & "Globally Beautiful" Community Slideshow


Talia Baruch, CEO and Cofounder at GlobalSaké

john hayato profile.jpg

John Hayato Branderhorst, COO and Cofounder at GlobalSaké

9:10-9:30 am - Duo TedTalk: Leveraging new-frontier technology for scaling autonomous continuous localization and AI source code internationalization. A 2-in-1 Tech presentation: 1. Unlimited continuous localization using distributed scalable microservices. Discover how to combine a modern service architecture with DevOps techniques to rapidly scale continuous localization, on demand and at low cost. And 2. AI source code internationalization. Dr. Global Self-Healing solution minimizes the need for manual engineering efforts for code internationalization. This invention by NetApp addresses internationalization (i18n) coding issues in any source code. It learns about common coding issues and the associated fixes with machine learning (ML) mechanisms and automatically fixes coding internationalization issues. Thus removes the need for developers to perform manual fixes.

Saurabh Kavathekar.jpeg

Saurabh Kavathekar, Director of Product & Support Globalization at NetApp

Gary Lefman.jpeg

Gary Lefman, Senior Localization Architect at Cisco

9:30-9:45 am Duo TedTalk: The Human Touch in Machine Translation Quality Evaluation. Electronic Arts & ContentQuo Case Study. MT Quality Management: To use automatics metrics is human, to add human evaluations is divine. Cristina Anselmi, Machine Translation Lead at Electronic Arts, has pioneered the usage of MT in AAA videogame localization and impressed conference crowds with non-stop quality improvements over the past 3 years. In this talk with Kirill Soloviev, CEO & Co-founder at ContentQuo, she’ll share her top insights on what it takes to build a balanced and objective Quality Management program for Machine Translation in a global enterprise.

Kirill Soloviev.jpeg

Kirill Soloviev, Co-Founder, CEO & CPO at ContentQuo

Cristina Anselmi .jpeg

Cristina Anselmi, Machine Translation Lead at Electronic Arts (EA)

9:45-10:00 am - TedTalk: Vector Spaces in Multilingual AI applications. Vector Spaces in Multilingual AI applications. AI is now capable of doing magic. In this presentation, Rafal will talk about a mathematical solution for creating bilingual dictionaries without any translated material, and the multiple practical applications of this solution.

Rafal Jaworski.jpeg

Rafal Jaworski, Linguistic AI Expert at XTM International

10:00-10:15 am - TedTalk: AI Neural MT and TMS workflow--client case study. Neural MT has become the core standard in global content rollout. However, just plugging NMT into localization workflows for cost reduction in new words and low fuzzy matches is not a sufficient sustainable approach. It drives unstable quality MT output, unnecessary MTPE effort and lift in LQA spend. In this talk, we'll share an AI-driven approach for content analysis, accuracy and classification in NMT/TMS workflows, reviewing what's available today and what we can expect tomorrow.


Alex Yanishevsky, Director, AI Deployments at Welocalize

jon ritzdorf.jpeg

Jon Ritzdorf, Sr. Manager, Global Content Solutions at Procore Technologies

10:15-10:30 am - Duo TedTalk: Multilingual Machine Voice with a Human Touch: Subway & Intento case study. MT and speech technologies are already delivering remarkable results in scaling quality multilingual content creation in global launch cycles on the go. In this co-presentation, Carrie and Konstantin will share how AI voice & MT drove Subway’s ROI, saving it $1.5M and 2 years of labor during the first year of enablement.

Konstantin Savenkov.jpeg
Carrie Livermore Fischer  .jpeg

Carrie Livermore Fischer,  Manager of Globalization Services at Subway

10:30-10:45 am - Duo TedTalk: Vertical-specific trained NMT engines: a case study story. Custom NMT is a highly dynamic technology that requires staying on top of the latest developments and integrations. There is no one-size-fits-all NMT engine. Each company's technology needs to be frequently tested. In this duo talk, Steen Magnussen joins Yaron Kaufman and will share how NMT performance is evaluated and is custom fitted for each customer solution. 

Yaron Kaufman.jpeg

Yaron Kaufman, Chief Customer Officer at BLEND Localization

Steen Magnussen.jpeg

10:45-10:55 am - TedTalk: Multilingual multivoice culturalization in audio video voice synthesis. Case study: Transadapting a Japanese anime into Arabic for Egypt with voice synthesis technology to capture geo-fit cultural nuance in human interaction applications.

hassan sawaf.jpeg

10:55-11:10 am - Culture: Live Cultural Concert: Solo Raga piece on Sitar. Kirti Vashee, Language Technology Evangelist at Translated, will carry us across the oceans all the way to India with a transcending short Autumn Raga solo piece on Sitar. Tune in to this live concert and turn off all worries. Can't wait? Here's a little preview.

11:10-11:40 am - Connection: Breakout Rooms. Guided networking discussion digests in intimate settings.

Andrea Ballista.jpeg

Andrea Ballista, Co-Founder at VOISEED

Yaron Kaufman.jpeg

Yaron Kaufman, Chief Customer Officer at BLEND Localization


Alex Yanishevsky, Director, AI Deployments at Welocalize

Gary Lefman.jpeg

Gary Lefman, Senior Localization Architect at Cisco

Carrie Livermore Fischer  .jpeg

Carrie Livermore Fischer,  Manager of Globalization Services at Subway

Ellen Cohen.jpeg

Ellen Cohen, Head of Sales, Voice Applications (ASR) at Rev

Stefan Huyghe.jpeg

Stefan Huyghe, Vice President, Localization at Communicaid Language Solutions Inc

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