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About this program

This course presents the latest advancements and techniques in Multilingual AI, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and LLMs (Large Language Models) and provides a guide for enhancing global production performance in our constantly changing environments.

The course will cover the following learnings:

●    Foundations of AI: What exactly is Multilingual AI and what are its limitations? We’ll also explore the different types of machine learning.

●    Latest achievements in the field of Multilingual AI: Large Language Models, multi-modal models, small and large models: are more parameters always better? 

●    Current trends and what to expect in the near future? 

●    Prompt engineering and custom model pipeline creation: how to get the most of your language models.

●    Practical class exercise: You’ll create your own AI project without having to write a single line of programming code. Some examples of the practice project you can engage in: task-specific chatbot, custom data processing pipeline, document cleaner and other options. 

Class size space is limited. Email Talia at and Rafał at for any questions.

Apply on this page to secure your seat.

Global. Ready. Go.

Multilingual AI and Prompt Engineering:

How to use new AI technology to enhance global production performance

Course schedule

Five interactive virtual live (real-time) class sessions on Zoom, with applied use case examples (2 hours each, total of 10 class hours) + office hours. $550 per participant.

Lesson 1: October 23, 2024. 9-11am Pacific Time

Introduction to Multilingual AI and Machine Learning

Lesson 2: October 30, 2024. 9-11am Pacific Time

Latest advancements in Multilingual AI: Large Language Models, multi-modal models

Lesson 3: November 6, 2024. 9-11am Pacific Time

Current trends and what to expect in the near future?

Lesson 4: November 13, 2024. 9-11am Pacific Time

Prompt engineering and custom model pipeline creation: how to get the most of your language models.

Lesson 5: November 20, 2024. 9-11am Pacific Time

Practical class exercise: You’ll create your own AI project without having to write a single line of programming code.

10% early-bird discount in registration by August 20 with promo code EARLYBIRD: $495

Best value20% discount in group registration of 3 people or more with promo code GROUPREG20: $440.00

*LocLearn participants are invited to free in-person industry networking events and career growth job referrals.

*LocLearn participants get 30% discount in all GlobalSake events. View the 2024 annual event here. 

Async learning class pass: $400.00. Use promo code: ASYNC
*Applies only for participants who cannot attend ANY of the 5 live zoom class sessions.

Testimonials from former students of this course

"Rafał keeps the the classroom in full focus. The course content is of high value and very interesting. This is the course I had been waiting for!"

Those who complete the course will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of AI/Multilingual AI and different approaches to construct it.

  • Assess the limitations of AI-based solutions.


  • Design AI workflows that maximize productivity.


  • Apply AI techniques in localization scenarios.


  • Feel confident when talking about AI and become an effective communicator of AI technologies in the international space.

Who is this for?

The course welcomes localization industry professionals who desire to learn about AI and its constantly changing environment. No technical software programming skills, nor industry experience are required to join this training. The course will specifically help translation & localization project and program managers, team leads, linguists, language engineers and everyone who is focused on boosting productivity in driving localization projects.

Image by Chris Montgomery

About the program developer & trainer

Rafal headshot.jpg

Rafał Jaworski, PhD, is an academic researcher, computer scientist, engineer and educator, specializing in language processing and Artificial Intelligence.
Rafał works as Principal AI Engineer at XTM International where he develops AI-powered features to aid the translation process. At the same time he holds the position of Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland.


Rafał’s main focus is on the development of innovative and usable algorithms. As this requires wide and interdisciplinary cooperation, Rafał’s mission is to
educate about AI and other innovative techniques.


Besides teaching academic courses, he gives thought provoking and engaging conference presentations across the globe.

                                   San Francisco, CA. Talia Zur Baruch.

Global. Ready. Go.
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