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International Happy Hour: Live Localized Saké tasting and demo

5:30 - 6:15 pm

A virtual event will not stop us from offering your our signature Saké tasting experience. In this fun interaction session, Colorado Saké will demonstrate how Saké is made, localized and culturalized into different markets to fit the local palate. Participants will be mailed 3-sampler Saké bottles ahead of time and join the live guided tasting. Kanpai!


Speaker: William Stuart, Owner of the Colorado Sake Company

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GlobalSaké and Global:SF Present 
The Future of Function

Sink or Soar: What do companies need to do today to stay relevant tomorrow?
What's Next in product innovation solutions across the globe?

October 22, 2020. Global virtual conference

We believe that real innovative problem solving comes when people connect across functions, cultures, and borders to leverage the diverse perspectives. That's what you'll find at the GlobalSaké events.


In this virtual conference, we bring you the next-gen new-frontier solutions in the global virtual bubble. We'll feature exciting case studies and thought leaders from around the world. We’ll explore latest exponential technologies in Industrial IoT4.0, Robotics, AR, VR, AI and Mixed Reality shaping how we'll work, communicate, collaborate, prototype, date, eat, travel, and explore outer space in 2021 and beyond. We'll explore how resilient companies rapidly respond to radically changing environments to deliver relevant value propositions for global audiences.

Thank you to all who joined the GlobalSaké and Global:SF Future of Function Virtual Event. Recordings of the sessions can be found HERE

Future of Function--Industrial IoT 4.0.

October 22, 2020

9-9:30 am 

What If... you could remove all the obstacle noise in the product early phase of ideation prototyping and unleash your limitless creative dev/design solutions from the get-go? Brady Bruce, CMO at Tempo Automation, will walk us through The Automated Factory of the Future, where machines chatter with AI-enhance software, where fabrication simulators enable exponential multi-prototyping with new opportunities in product value launches.

Speaker: Brady Bruce, CMO at Tempo Automation

Brady Bruce

Agenda: AM Sessions

Beyond the Bubble: Data-driven Design for Connecting Global Audiences

9:30 - 10 am

2020 has become a watershed year, not least due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of bringing the world community closer together in the face of a shared global threat, we have become further divided across national, racial and ideological lines. How then, in this era of identity politics, can we leverage diverse and international perspectives to generate new thinking and new solutions? How can we come together to solve the big challenges of our time? This talk will introduce data-driven design as a way to see information from a multitude of perspectives, create an alternative to the constraints of group segmentation, and, in bridging these divides, present a possible way forward.

Speaker: Christian Marc Schmidt, Founder and Principal, Schema Design. (ex Interaction Design at IDEO). TEDx speaker.

ChristianSchmidt_UX Design.jpg

Weaving straw into gold: How visionary global companies stay resilient to counter covid. Airbnb Tokyo Olympics and Tinder case studies

10:30 - 11 am

In this session, we'll feature how resilient companies rapidly respond to radical market changes and reposition their value proposition for new market fit. Airbnb Tokyo Olympics experiences and Tinder will share case studies of product challenges and solutions from around the globe.


- Emily Misleh, Director of Airbnb Olympics & Paralympics

- Andy Andersen, International Product Growth at Tinder                  

Andy Andersen.jpeg
Emily Headshot 2107.08 Best Smile.JPG

Future of Communication. Google Translate’s Simultaneous Speech Translations

10 - 10:30 am

Instant real-time communication across languages and borders is essential now more than ever. This talk will showcase the research and development that went into creating Google’s simultaneous long-form speech translation. We'll share user experience research, insights from interpreters, system engineering challenges, and new frontier solutions to bring the experience of simultaneous speech translation into the future.

Speaker: Jeff Pitman, Senior Staff Engineering Manager at Google Translate

jeff pitman.jpg

On the Spectrum: From content localization, transcreation to origination and its impact to the business bottomline

11 - 11:30 am

This session will kick off with defining and differentiating Marketing Translation, Transcreation and Multilingual Content Origination, followed by applied case studies on how local content impacts the business bottomline, with case study examples from Next and AliExpress. We’ll also examine how current international marketing methodologies for Addressable Content, Native Brand Experience and Multilingual Brand Strategies are enhanced by Transcreation and Multilingual Origination.


- Paul Mangell, CMO at Alpha CRC

- Manuela Furtado, Director, Localization and Globalization, at Alpha US

- William Schwartz, Director of Business Development and Operations at Alpha US

Manuela Furtado.jpeg
paul mangell alpha crc.jpeg
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Global is the new Local: Designing for planet Earth and Outer space

12 - 12:30 pm

We'll explore how global is now becoming the new local, developing interdisciplinary and interplanetary earthshots and moonshots new-frontier technology products for planet earth and outer space.


-Eyal Zur, Founder of Nomadity, pioneering new-frontier smart textile product technology RD&D for wearable solutions, and Head of Wearables at AngleSense

-Robert de Saint Phalle, Interdisciplinary Design Innovator, Lead Designer at Draper, Partner at KASA Collective

Robert De Saint Phalle.jpg
Eyal Zur_Nomadity_speaker.jpg

Dodging AI biases in future-proof Machine Translation solutions

11:30 am - 12 pm

We all want to act locally while going global, and maintain an inclusive multilingual work environment for the international workforce. Every AI model has its linguistic, cultural, and geopolitical biases. Besides providing better linguistic quality for specific languages and domains, a particular Machine Translation system may not be fully compliant with local dialect, tone of voice, gender, and data locality rules. In this talk, we consider practical cases when those biases create obstacles in building a global presence and an inclusive multilingual work environment for an international company. We discuss how to dodge those biases by using multi-vendor international AI, and in some cases go further, by leveraging those biases to create more diverse and inclusive translations.

Speaker: Konstantin Savenkov, CEO of Intento

Konstantin Savenkov.jpeg

Forecasting the Future: How will the customer journey evolve

12:30 - 12:50 pm

Are you a global content strategist? A marketing visionary? A futurist? 2020 has changed how we interact with our customers on every level. Digital transformation has been forcedly fast-tracked, influencing touchpoints, channels, formats, behaviors and expectations. Content, marketing and overall business strategies have pivoted to keep up and adapt, and it begs the question… what does this mean for the future of the customer journey? How will it change and what challenges will we face as communicators in the future – both locally and globally? Together, let’s forecast the future!

Speaker: Sharon Austin, Director of Content Solutions at Amplexor.

Sharon Austin .jpeg

International Happy Hour sponsored by Morrison & Foerster: Live Localized Saké tasting and demo

5:30 - 6:15 pm PST /

Oct 23 8:30-9:15am SGT

A virtual event will not stop us from offering you our signature Saké tasting experience. In this fun interaction session, Colorado Saké will demonstrate how Saké is made, localized and culturalized into different markets to fit the local palate. Participants will be mailed 3-sampler Saké bottles ahead of time and join the live guided tasting. Kanpai!


Speaker: William Stuart, Owner of the Colorado Sake Company

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 11.15.50

Sugar Roundtable: The Race to Redesign Sugar. A taste sampler of multiple innovative sweet solutions to water your mouth.

7 - 7:45 pm PST /

Oct 23 10-10:45am SGT

How will tech startups drive meaningful impact on reducing the global sugar footprint? Are consumers ready for sugar reduction? Can we maintain same happy sweet sensation with less harmful sugar? This session is about bringing together sugar innovators, investors, CPG's, manufacturers, and chefs to generate an exciting conversation about fortified ingredient solutions, with a deep-dive focus on Sugar. Sugar innovators will share their solutions for maximizing the sweet taste sensation while radically reducing the global sugar footprint. We’ll explore the tradeoffs and global impact, with “straight from the oven” insights from around the world, and open it up for Q&A discussions, leading to offline collaboration opportunities.


Liat Cinamon, VP Business Development and Marketing at DouxMatok

Matthew Godfrey, CEO at Nutrition Innovation (NuCane Raw)

- Anand Sundaresan, Regional Vice President Human Nutrition & Health DSM APAC.

- Didier Chanove, Head of Marketing & Digital at Unilever Food Solutions Singapore & Malaysia

Erin Sweeney, Manager, Sustainable Business & Investment at Grow Asia

Matthew Godfrey.jpeg
Liat Cinamon.jpeg
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Anand Sundaresan.jpeg

Future of Food: Innovative global solutions in food technology and experiences 

6:15 - 7 pm PST /

Oct 23 9:15-10am SGT

How do we apply Design Thinking to personalize consumer food experiences around the globe? How do we transform FoodTech businesses to better satisfy local consumer cultural expectations and palate perceptions. In this session, we'll explore farm to fork--direct to consumer models, vertical farming innovations, and the intersection of local food and emergency response.


- Justine Reichman, Founder at NextGenChef

- Matthew Cohen, Founder and CEO of Off the Grid

Rob Barlow, PhD, Professor, Researcher, at Hult International Business School

- Mark Lim, Corporate Strategist and Legal Counsel for the NamZ group of companies

Matthew Cohen.jpeg
Justine Reichman.jpeg
Rob Barlow.jpeg
Mark Lim.jpg

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