GlobalSaké 2022

It Takes A Planet

Q1 Event: The Human Factor | 9am - 12pm PST, March 3, 2022

 Understanding our international customers within the cultural context of their regional environment


  • Warm up: "Funnies Lost in Translation." Localization gone wrong examples in everyday life scenarios

  • Culture: "Culture Code Comedy" stand up show (tbd)

  • Panel: "Love Localization." The cultural nuance in dating app dev/design in different markets. We'll explore how Lovoo--a German-based dating app--differs from US-based dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

  • Fireside Chat: The Translation Engine: Airbnb and Translated case study. How to enable quality instant communication between hosts and travelers around the globe.

  • UX Lab: Live Qualitative International User Research. We'll run a live demo of User Experience Research for international customer segments in action. 

  • Connection: Breakout Rooms. Guided networking discussion digests in intimate settings. 


Q1 Event: The Human Factor | March 3, 2022

Understanding our international customers within the cultural context of their regional environment. Running international user research and product market-fit analysis, then integrating the regional and cultural factors in the product performance and business strategy to maximize local adoption on a global scale.


Q3 Event: Technology | Sept 1, 2022

AI-enhanced localization tools for optimizing multilingual applications. Neural MT, multilingual NLP, International data structuring and data hierarchy clustering. We'll explore the complex relationship between humans and machines, and how we can scale product relevancy for worldwide usability.  


Q2 Event: Process | June 2, 2022

Circular (vs linear) auto-integrated workflows, dynamically generating the relevant experience by user geolocation and interface language in instant deploys on a global scale. The shift from English source/non-English target translation flows to English as one of the multilingual support cycles on the go. 


Q4 Event: Geo-Fit | Dec 1, 2022

Exploring New Markets expansion with product-led growth and rounded-perspective Go-To-Market Strategy. We'll explore how companies HQ'ed outside of the US adopt different international growth strategies than US-based companies, and what we can learn from these case studies.

In 2022, each GlobalSaké event includes:

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