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We're adding sessions and speakers to this event--please stay tuned!

9:00-9:05 am - Welcome message


Talia Baruch, CEO and Cofounder at GlobalSaké


John Hayato Branderhorst, COO and Cofounder at GlobalSaké

9:05-9:15 am - Interactive Warm up: Guess the blockbuster

Fabio Schmuki .jpeg

9:15-9:35 am - Panel Discussion: Adapting product, content and SEO: how to create geo-fit for success across Asia. Capturing local markets requires product, marketing and growth strategies to work together to create a truly native experience. All the more important when the markets are diverse - like the US, Australia and Japan. Find out how brands like Koala, Asics and Spotify approach geo-fit in this region, how local content creation can fit into the localization process, and the importance of SEO in ensuring success.

Kristy Sakai.jpeg
Hilary Atkisson Normanha.jpeg

Hilary Atkisson Normanha , Sr. Program Manager, Internationalization at Spotify

Shota Adam.jpeg

Shota Adam, Marketing Director at Koala Japan 

9:35-9:55 am - Panel Discussion: Singapore Hub for Asia Market Adoption: Southeast Asia is home to 650 million people in 11 countries.  It’s the world’s 5th largest economy, and on track to be the 4th by 2030. This has created a great business opportunity for companies looking to expand internationally. Find out how two businesses, Airfoil and Zvook, differed in their geo-fit approach to the region and how Singapore became their launchpad for success.

Danny Liew.jpeg
Min Kim.jpeg

Min Kim- Co-Founder at Airfoil

Anna Ratala.jpeg

Anna Ratala - Founder at Zvook

9:55-10:10 am - Co-Presentation: Google Assistant - A Global Strategy for Geo-Fit Voice Applications. The challenges of adapting global principles of Personality to local audiences, in an effort to make the Assistant sound and feel like it belongs where the user is, while still delivering the same product to users everywhere.

Valeria Barbero.jpeg

Valeria Barbero, Business Director and Program Manager at Mother Tongue

Renan Leahy.jpeg

Renan Leahy, Sr UX Content Strategist, Google Assistant Personality at Google

10:10-10:25 am - Panel Discussion: Into Africa: The Legal, Linguistic and Cultural Factors for market adoption in Africa’s $5.6 Trillion opportunity. There is a $5.6 trillion consumer and business spend opportunity in Africa for global enterprises seeking expansion. Africa is a continent of 54 countries, each having varying regulations on how businesses should operate. The linguistic and cultural diversity can be overwhelming for new entrants. In this panel discussion, we'll explore the legal, cultural and linguistic considerations for adoption in Africa and why this continent should be on your global expansion roadmap.

Ady Namaran Coulibaly.jpeg

Ady Namaran Coulibaly, Operations Manager at Bolingo


Oluwafikayo Obadofin, Senior Associate at Vazi Legal

Opeyemi Ademola.jpeg

Opeyemi Ademola, Project Manager at Nkọwa okwu

10:25-10:45 am - Panel Discussion: Localization as an Accessibility Enablement for Inclusive Product Experience.     When we design and develop the right product experiences for the diverse populations of the world, we meet our customers where they are. We consider the cultural context of their regional environment, and we factor in their usability enablement. How they discover and interact with our product matters. In this panel, we'll discuss the parallel between localization and accessibility product enablements and share two case study stories from Zoom's new Sign Language Interpretation launch and from Mural.

Andrew Thomas.jpeg

Andrew Thomas, Senior Director, Trados Marketing at RWS

Gefen Lamdan.jpeg

Gefen Lamdan, Executive Product Strategy Advisor (ex Mural)

Shivali Viswanath.jpeg

Shivali Viswanath, Product Manager at Zoom


Israel Rivera, ASL Interpreter at MasterWord

Jessica Roland1.jpeg

Jessica Roland- Director, Strategic Accounts at RWS

10:45-11:00 am - Fireside Chat: Content and channel strategy best practices for entering mainland China

Jenna Harding.jpeg

Jenna Harding, Senior Director, Customer Success at Wordbank

Jeramie Heflin.jpeg

Jeramie Heflin, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Safeguard Global

11:00-11:15 am - Culture: Live International Concert: “Mugical-Morocco”. Dror Sinai is a world percussion artist and teacher, Chi Gong teacher, personal growth and healing arts practitioner, and leader of special boutique tours. In this concert, Dror will take us on a short journey through beautiful Morocco from the ocean to the Atlas mountains to the Sahara Desert… Music, Dance and Joy. Curious about the upcoming Morocco trip? Learn more

11:15-11:45 am - Connection: Breakout Rooms. Guided networking discussion digests in intimate settings.

Marianne Emblad .jpeg
Jessica Roland1.jpeg

Jessica Roland- Director, Strategic Accounts at RWS

Chris Hodgson_MotherTongue_marketing transcreation.jfif
Ady Namaran Coulibaly.jpeg

Ady Namaran Coulibaly, Operations Manager at Bolingo

William Schwartz  .jpeg

William Schwartz, Director Business North America at Alpha CRC

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