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Talia Baruch, CEO and Cofounder at GlobalSaké


John Hayato Branderhorst, COO and Cofounder at GlobalSaké

Interactive Warm up: Lost in Localization stories across the globe in everyday life scenarios

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Presentation: Moderna Vaccine: global distribution and the regional nuance

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Presentation: Geo-Fit Content adaptation, Micro Local Growth

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Presentation: Hybrid model: centralized vs decentralized teams

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Panel Discussion: Geo-Fit Strategies in the Food Delivery Business: How Wolt, Bolt, and Glovo differ in their new markets expansion. We'll explore 3 fascinating case studies from 3 different non-EN/non-US based companies. Wolt (HQ'ed in Helsinki, Finland, later acquired by DoorDash), Bolt (HQ'ed in Estonia) and Glovo (HQ'ed in Barcelona) each adopted a very different new markets' entry/adoption plan--from going "all in" to win the local comeptitive landscape, to choosing a "non-compete" strategy in new markets where local food delivery isn't yet established.

Sälli Silm

Sälli Silm, Global L10n Manager at Bolt

Presentation: International Go-To-Market Strategy

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Culture: Live International Concert: "It Takes a Planet" - Ethno-jazz piano & vocal concert inspired by Belarusian folk tales and Portuguese jazz. When folk and jazz talk with Katerina L'Dokova. More details posted soon! 

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Connection: Breakout Rooms. Guided networking discussion digests in intimate settings.

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