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2024 Sponsors

Stay tuned as we are onboarding our 2024 Partners. If you'd like to explore sponsorship opportunities in the GlobalSaké 2024 programming, contact us at

Bureau Works is an unintentional paradigm breaker. We set out to make some of the deep localization pain go away with technology as our medicine. We ended up with a full-stack Translation Management System that is capable of true end-to-end automation. Quotes, job placements, payables, and receivables. Quality/performance management, and a translation editor teeming with Generative AI capabilities. It's truly something. 30,000+ translators and large global enterprises such as Harley-Davidson, Zendesk, and Kraft-Heinz trust our tech with their content. Oh, and did I mention it's ridiculously inexpensive? Take it for a free spin. If you are into localization it will be worth your while.


Community Partners

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