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LocLearn Upskill: International Product Management Course
with Talia Zur Baruch

Program: Eight module class sessions:


Global-Ready Product Management with Applied Design Thinking Methodologies

What problem do we solve for? You’ll learn what key components go into the creation of an MVP PRD (Most Viable Product Requirements Document) and how to create an adaptive product strategy designed to solve relevant-fit problems for the diverse populations of the world. We’ll explore what global-ready enablement looks like in backend Platform infrastructure architecture, in frontend Product deployment, and in the organizational People structure for effectively aligning and driving horizontal, cross-functional international efforts across the company.


International UI/UX Design

How we render the relevant product experiences for consumers around the globe. We’ll cover UI/UX internationalization best practices + geo-fit layout, sharing case studies on the core differences in UX design adaptations for adoption in different countries and markets.


Product Geo-Fit

Optimizing core funnels in the unique user journey by market from high-intent Discoverability to customer Acquisition, core Engagement, Conversion, Retention, and brand Loyalty. We’ll cover Multilingual SEO & SEM strategy, domain treatments, ccTLD, dynamic sitemap indexing with hreflang, Canonical URLs, geo-fit local content origination (human and generative AI) and other optimizations for both top-of funnel brand discoverability with downstream impact on conversion and retention.


Students Final Project Part 1

Develop your own PRD and Country Playbook, part 1


International Market & UX Research, Target Segmentation                                

Who do we optimize the solution for? Know your Customers within the cultural context of their regional environments. You’ll learn the core UX Research methodologies and scenarios from Task Analysis, Heuristic, Cognitive, Anthropometry, Archetype, Empirical, Contextual, Field Studies, Empathic, Immersion and Cultural. We’ll also cover new markets’ sizing (TAM analysis), customer segmentation and Persona Development.


Data-driven consumer insights

How do we define and measure success? You’ll learn how to detect, track, and analyze user signals to inform the relevant product rollout roadmap. We’ll cover qualitative, quantitative, implicit and explicit user insights, exploring case studies from AB test experiments in different countries for different user segments. Many companies slice their data in US vs ROW (rest of world) or EN vs non-EN, which dictates driving the wrong priority MVP initiatives. In this module, you’ll learn best practices for country-level dataset analysis to informed relevant insights.


Geo-Fit Pricing, Payments, and Checkout to Complete Orders

We’ll cover country-level tiered price plans, payment methods, and optimized checkout flow to minimize involuntary churn (drop-off rate) in different target markets. We’ll also explore the “behind the scenes” backend of an adaptive Pricing and Payments Platform that can enable to dynamically generate the right product experience by user geolocation and language interface.


Students Final Project Part 2

Develop your own PRD and Country Playbook, part 2

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