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GlobalSaké Experiences

Wonderful GlobalSake LocWalk™ with  LocLearn International Product course 3 students and course 2 graduate alumni + the greater Localization SF community! 🌞 Nature’s stubborn persistence to spring beauty and bloom in the cosmic seasonal order—we all need that harmony anchor right now in the world.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 11.31.53 AM.png

GlobalSaké CEO Cofounder, Talia Zur Baruch, is leading this GlobalSaké LocWalk™ outdoor in-person experience at Glen Canyon in San Francisco on Saturday April 27. 

This industry networking event is for Talia's International Product Management Course participants and for the extended GlobalSaké local community. Talia will share the exact meeting point and details with all registered attendees before the event. Space is limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis. Register free now to reserve your spot!

GlobalSaké LocWalks™ travel across the globe and are designed for industry relationship building in small, intimate groups. We come together across cultures, functions, and borders to cross-pollinate, in motion. Learn more about the GlobalSaké LocWalk™ outdoor action experiences around the world.


Checkout the GlobalSaké 2024 year-round program

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