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GlobalSaké Experiences
Saratoga LocWalk™ - May 17, 2024

"In this life, we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” (Mother Teresa) And what a love-ly get-together we had on May 17 at the Saratoga GlobalSaké LocWalk™ led by Victoria Haïk. Huge Thanks to Acclaro team for treating us to refined wine tasting and gourmet nibbles at the Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards! 🍶 🥂


The GlobalSaké LocWalk™ in-person outdoor active experiences around the globe are the antidote for the indoor on-screen work environments. We come together across cultures, functions, and borders to cross-pollinate and collaborate, expanding our perspectives for problem solving and building long-lasting relationships. In motion, we reconnect, recharge, and re-member the power or memorable moments. We’re on a mission to keep walking together in every continent on the planet.

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GlobalSaké LocWalks™ travel across the globe and are designed for industry relationship building in small, intimate groups. We come together across cultures, functions, and borders to cross-pollinate, in motion. Learn more about the GlobalSaké LocWalk™ outdoor action experiences around the world.


Checkout the GlobalSaké 2024 year-round program.

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