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GlobalSaké Q3 Interactive Virtual Event:
Asia Deep Dive

September 28, 2023. 5-7:30pm PT

This event will include sign language interpretation viewing thanks to GlobalSaké sponsor, MasterWord

Sign Language Interpreters:


Israel Rivera, Staff ASL Interpreter, Deaf Hard of Hearing at MasterWord

Jacob Garner - low res - Copy.jpg

Jacob Garner, Operations Specialist at MasterWord


5:00-5:10 pm - GlobalSaké 2023 Kickoff and Welcome message

Talia Baruch updated profile pic.jpeg

 Talia Baruch, CoFounder CEO at GlobalSaké

john hayato profile.jpg

5:10-5:20 pm - Interactive warm up: Brand Value Proposition Repositioning for Asia--Can you guess it?

Amy Yuuri Naruse.jpeg

Amy Yuuri Naruse, APAC Languages Manager at Supertext

5:20-5:35 pm - SE Asia Entry Strategy: Creating Cross-Functional Alignment. This fireside chat will share Procore's approach to forming a cross-functional tiger team of experts across localization, product, customer success, and sales to determine whether the company should enter Singapore as a wider hub for Southeast Asia. Hear how this cross-disciplinary group tackled a 3 month research sprint to explore the needs of the market, including mapping the competitive landscape, Product-Market Fit, value proposition, and target personas, ultimately leading to their market entry and presence in SE Asia today.

Alanna Ford.jpeg

Alanna Ford, Head of Globalization Strategy at Procore

Jared Koh.jpeg

5:35-5:55 pm - Understanding cultural nuances and adapting content for local market relevancy. In this Fireside chat, Antonio and Alexandria will share their experiences when localizing content that originated in Japan. Antonio's experience stems from working on the Pokemon collection and how he worked together with the Japan based Pokémon team to create global content. Alexandria will share about the unexpected sides of Anime Localization and include a case study on what anime localizers consider when translating anime to "design" a show's characters and narrative in English.

Antonio De Palma.jpeg

Antonio De Palma, Sr. Localization Manager (ex WhatsApp, Pokemon)

Alexandria Hill.jpeg

5:55-6:10pm - Asia Outbound: The Global Expansion stories of Healthcare apps from Japan and Korea. Insights into navigating cultural and regional differences in healthcare access and consumer decision making.

Tiffany Morimoto.jpeg

Yu Tiffany Morimoto, UX Research and Design Lead at CureApp, Inc.

Danny Kim.jpeg

Danny Kim, Head of WELT USA at WELT Corp

6:10-6:25pm - Geo-Fit Transadaptation for Asia in Global Drug Development. The underlying goal of the development of new medicines is to benefit as many patients as possible; hence, a global drug development strategy is often favored by both biotechs and big pharma. In this presentation, we'll share our perspectives on the regulation and operationalization of developing drugs in Asia as well as the scientific underpinnings of these region-specific considerations.

Leslie Chinn.jpeg

Leslie Chinn, VP of Clinical Pharmacology at HI-Bio (Ex Genentech, FDA)

MS picture.jpg

Michael Son, VP, Regulatory & Quality at Equillium, Inc.

6:40-6:55pm - Live Cultural Show: Japanese Arts Network presents AKATOMBO + TAIKO DRUM. What happens when you take a taiko drum, a Sanshin (an Okinawan 3 stringed "banjo") and add a hip hop twist? Listen in as this group of musicians share how they came together to create a fusion of styles and sounds that include singing a famous Japanese children's song and throwing in original hip hop beats.

Courtney Ozaki.jpeg

6:55-7:25pm - Connection: Breakout Rooms. Guided networking discussion digests in intimate settings.

Marianne Emblad .jpeg

Marianne Emblad, Manager, International Marketing (USA) at Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

Kristy Sakai.jpeg
Alan Jung.jpeg

Alan Jung, Strategic Account Director at Vistatec

Antonio De Palma.jpeg

Antonio De Palma, Sr. Localization Manager (ex WhatsApp, Pokemon)

Saurabh Kavathekar.jpeg

Saurabh Kavaathekar, VP Localization Engineering at Fidel Softech Limited

6:25-6:40 pm - India Outlook: New Tech Trends in the Localization Industry Leading up to 2030. India is a nation teeming with possibilities, and its technology industry stands at the cusp of an unprecedented revolution. In the midst of the rapidly evolving technological landscape, India unleashes a wave of innovation in the four biggest technology trends:Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT, 5G, and Blockchain. This presentation will showcase the pipeline opportunities in India's tech industry and explore the impact of localizing into Indic languages to fuel the digital revolution.

Saurabh Kavathekar.jpeg

Saurabh Kavaathekar, VP Localization Engineering at Fidel Softech Limited

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