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GlobalSake 2023 Advisory Board: Mentorship Program 

Additional global thought advisors will be added soon!

GlobalSaké 2023 mentorship program


The GlobalSaké Mentorship Program is designed to empower the next generation of global leaders, exposing them to rounded interdisciplinary industry insights and career opportunities. This is a practical mentorship program, connecting vetted young talent with exciting job opportunities in international-related career paths. The mentors are executive subject matter experts in leading global companies, worldwide. The mentees are senior/graduate students and alumni from International Study programs worldwide seeking to jump start and grow their career journey in compelling global companies.

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Mission: Fuel the next generation of Global-Ready Leaders and help them become effective influencers for positive impact, with open mindfulness, and rounded, cross-functional multi-perspectives, to holistically drive the relevant solutions for the diverse populations of the world. 

Value propositions:

  • Connect graduate students and young professionals in International disciplines with the right-fit job opportunities within the world’s most exciting, innovative global companies.

  • ​Connect global companies with vetted relevant-fit talent.

  • Help guide and expose the next generation of industry leaders to grounded industry expertise across functions, cultures, and borders.

  • Create a collaboration canvas for meaningful relationship building with global thought leaders--international subject matter experts--for peer support and knowledge-share.

For mentors: Interested in joining the GlobalSaké mentorship Advisory Board? Email us with your specific area of expertise: contact us at

For mentees: Interested in building meaningful connections with global thought leaders from the world’s most exciting innovation companies and kickstarting your career growth?


2 options for joining:

  1. Free Mentorship Program: Apply here.    

  2. Mentorship Program + Annual GlobalSaké Pass for all 2022 industry conferences and in-person networking experiences: 50% off with discount code EDU50.

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