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How do you create the right product value fit experience for customers across the globe?

How do you balance a universal global-ready launch strategy vs a local geo-fit adaptation?

Ready to take product localization, regionalization and culturalization on a more strategic, holistic, and cross-functional level to drive meaningful growth impact in new local markets, on a global scale?

Then you deserve a seat in The ParlamINT--our GlobalSaké 2021 monthly events series, designed for visionary global leaders driving global growth. 

Come for the Content. Stay for the Connections. Be a member of the global Community.

Monthly events are 9-11am PST. Each event includes 45-60 minutes of presentations + 15 minutes of Q&A, followed by 30 minutes of breakout room discussion digests with networking, and a 1-min meditation wrap-up.

Upcoming Event

July 1, 2021. 9-11am and 5-7pm PDT

Japan and Germany New Markets Entry Strategy

Many companies struggle to maximize growth adoption in Japan and Germany. That’s because these two markets (and a few others) require a higher level of geo-specific adaptations. In this event, we’ll explore the 360-degrees overview of the core cultural and regional factors you should know before entry.

AM Speakers (9-11am PDT)

Partner at GoGlobal 

Staff Localization Producer – DACH

at LinkedIn

Japan Marketing Manager at

AM Roundtable Moderators (9-11am PDT)

Alexandra Eger.jpeg

German Marketing Blogger and Content

Writer at

Managing Director at Rueter Partner

PM Speakers (5-7pm PDT)

Director, Sales & Marketing

at Tricor Japan

Senior Manager, International UX

Research at

Tiffany Morimoto.jpeg

Yu Tiffany Morimoto

UX Researcher at btrax

PM Roundtable Moderators (5-7pm PDT)

August 5, 2021

International UI/UX Design 

US-based companies often design a US-centric interface and apply the same design elements globally. However, to effectively attract and engage customers outside of the US, we need to shift the paradigm from a one-size-fits-all to an adaptive geo-fit model, displaying the right intuitive interface experiences and value prop positioning to better resonate with our local customers. Shopify and Linkedin will share their product UI/UX geo-fit optimizations to maximize adoption in new markets. Gui and Pablo will showcase different cultural rhythmic patterns from origin Samba in Brazil to Mediterranean tempos, and how we can fine tune the right product design by tuning in to our customers’ lifestyle soundtrack. This is our first virtual live concert! 

Robyn Larson
Christine Fok
Jill Bishop.jpeg
Invisible City.png

September 2, 2021

Go-To-Market Strategy for Emerging Markets

In this event we’ll discuss market readiness, company readiness, and product market fit, researching and responding to local market gaps with relevant local solutions. Our expert speakers will share case study stories from different emerging markets across the Africa continent, SE Asia and Latin/South America. 

Rachel Carruthers.jpeg
Anoop Kumar.jpeg
Omosalewa Adeyemi
Niklas Lundberg.jpeg
Jeffrey Kiser.jpeg

October 7, 2021

"Your Challenge Roundtable"

The ParlamINT community members (you!) are invited to pre-submit your company’s core international challenge and we'll discuss specific solutions in assigned "Your Challenge" Roundtable breakout rooms with subject matter experts. Each breakout room roundtable will be dedicated to a different global challenge. You pick the challenge/solution Roundtable insights and discussion session of your choice. We're still adding more topics.



Challenge Topic

Paulina Makles.jpeg
Danielle Geraldine Marcos.png
Jeff Beatty.jpg
paul mangell alpha crc.jpeg
Sebastien Bratieres.jpeg

Creative Tribe   

Tableau Software      


Alpha CRC   


Int'l Digital Marketing & ISEO

CQ: Cultural Intelligence

CQ: Cultural Intelligence

Transcreation, Local Content

Eliminating bias in human post-edit MT

Jost Zetzsche.jpeg

Global Typography

Lionbridge logo.png


November 4, 2021

Global-Ready-First Adaptive Strategy

How do we pivot the corporate culture to an adaptive global-ready-first strategy in platform, product, and people?
The traditional linear, manual, functionally siloed, US-first workflows cannot survive in the post-pandemic global world. Winning companies are those who are able to “hit the ground running,” with adaptive, simultaneous, instant deploys in new markets at scale. Circular, automated, horizontal, cross-functional integrations for scaling global growth is the name of the game in the new era. Learn more about it in this event. 

Rebekah Mueller.jpeg
Jan Hinrich.jpeg
Yair Tal.jpeg

December 2, 2021

GlobalSaké end-of year-Sake Tasting party (in-person!)

If you’ve been to one of our past GlobalSake events, you know how we roll! Sake tasting from the barrel, dumplings, Taiko drumming, and a good amount of social merriment. After a full year of monthly meet-ups in The ParlamINT’s online events, it’ll be a special joy to see each other in-person again for some old fashioned hug. TBD, we’re planning the party at the St. Francis Yacht Club aboard the Swan 65--Translated's sailboat that’s participating in the around the world race. Stay tuned!
Content session: How to effectively position localization on a strategic, holistic level within the org structure, and how to effectively drive horizontal cross-functional efforts. 


Adding speakers soon, stay tuned 

Next gen conferencing with GlobalSake. Insightful and interactive with the right frequency. Much enjoyed the fresh air and the discussions.

— Jan Hinrichs,

CEO Beluga / Founder LocLunch


"OMG Globalsake is brilliant! It was much more than I was even hoping for! Our breakout room was on fire with compliments for the format and content. I've been raving about it to anyone who will listen! Especially love the live Q&A and the breakout networking!"

— Susan Morgan,

Director, Global Accounts at Lionbridge


Past Events

February Hightlight Reel

February 4, 2021. 9-10:30am PST

The Future of You. New year resolution: Recharge, Reconnect, and...Run.

International Expansion case study stories in the Wellness & Fitness verticals


How do you prioritize new markets for your product-fit expansion plan? Is your product value solving for the same problem in every region? Are you optimizing for the same user cohorts in every geo? How do you define and measure success in your local new markets, on a global scale? Hear from industry experts leading exciting brands going global on how they’ve approached their international expansion strategies—goals, gaps, solutions, KPIs, and so much more.


9:00am - 9:05am PST: Welcome Intro by GlobalSaké founders (Talia Baruch and John Hayato Branderhorst)

9:05am - 9:10am: Interactive warm up exercise. Radio calisthenics (ラジオ体操, rajio taisō, literally, "radio exercises") are warm-up calisthenics performed to music and guidance from radio broadcasts. They are popular in Japan and parts of China and Taiwan. Led by John Hayato Branderhorst.

9:10am - 9:40am: Speaker Introduction and Panel Discussion. Moderated by Talia Baruch 

9:40am - 9:55am: Q&A with the audience

9:55am-10:25am: Breakout rooms—discussion digests & networking 

10:25am - 10:30am: Meditation sendoff. 


CJ Stavrakos - Director International St

Director of International Strategy & Ops at Noom

Hilary Atkisson Normanha .jpeg

Global Product Localization at ASICS Digital

Group Product Manager at Fitbit

GlobalSaké Co-founder

Roundtable Moderators

Digital Health product executive

March Hightlight Reel

March 4, 2021. 9-10:45am PST

International Consumer Insights: understanding customers within the cultural context of their regional environment

Three Flash TedTalk presentations, each representing a different outlook perspective from exciting brands: Google, HubSpot, Tencent and Alibaba. The UX Research experts will each showcase their unique angles in understanding customers within different markets to inform the right decisions for product-user-fit. Between these 3 presentations, we’ll holistically cover multi-geo consumer insights case studies from Emerging Markets (including Africa and SE Asia), China, LATAM, and Europe. We'll explore how regional and cultural factors influence consumer behavior in different markets and inform the business strategy and product experience positioning.


Roundtable Moderators

User Experience Researcher at HubSpot

Isabelle Bicaci_global strategy_OpenTabl

Senior User Experience Designer at Tencent 

(Ex Alibaba)

April Highlight Reel

April 1, 2021. 9-10:45am PST

Global-Ready and Geo-fit Payments

How much money has your company lost in involuntary churn in your Checkout flow for international segments? Most US-based companies, including the mega multinational global corporations, leave hefty sums of money on the table simply because they do not adapt their pricing plans, checkout funnel experience, and payment methods by geo in their priority new markets. In this session, we’ll explore how to effectively internationalize and transadapt global payments and optimize checkout to complete orders funnel across borders, methods, and user expected behaviors. We'll also deep-dive into understanding LATAM's payments ecosystem for the unbanked and underbanked, share market insights and platform global-readiness.


Youngmin Jeong.png

Sr. Director, Localization at PayPal

Director, Business Director North America at Alpha CRC

Senior Technical Product Manager - Platforms for Payments at Nubank

Roundtable Moderators

Joseph Holtman.jpeg
Carrie Nguyen.jpeg

Product Manager - Real Time Payments & Transfers, Brazil at Nubank

May Highlight Reel

May 6, 2021. 9-11am PST

Multilingual content strategy: transcreation, culturalization, regionalization and origination 

When is straight interface translation good enough? What assets require a deep localization treatment, or better yet—content transcreation, culturalization and regionalization? And when do we need to go all-in with local-market content origination?

Hear 3 solo presentations from 3 subject-matter experts in the industry, sharing case study stories from around the globe, and how they’ve impacted the business bottomline. In this session, we’ll also discuss the power of narrative: Who owns “global content” and “Who’s telling your story.” You’re in for a real treat!


Roundtable Moderators

Chris Hodgson Profile Picture

Managing Director at Mother Tongue

mother tongue logo cropped.png

CEO at Geogrify

Director of Marketing Localization at Zendesk

June 3, 2021. 9-11am PST

Multilingual AI, NLP (natural language processing), and Applied ML (machine learning)

This session invites you to explore multilingual applied AI not as a language barrier, but rather as a new-frontier propeller for scaling more diverse products for more diverse populations around the globe.


We'll explore storytelling through data structure and neural networks for multilingual content relevancy, voice, search, and speech to text applications.


We’ll discuss how words work: Building language-specific and language-agnostic relevancy algorithms, multilingual dataset structuring for international recommendation systems, and Machine Translation.


CURRENT xtm-international-logo-small.png

Linguistic AI Expert at XTM International

Jane Nemcova - HQ Headshot.jpg

Professor at MIIS

CEO at Lang.AI

Head of Product, Data Standardization at LinkedIn

Digital Content and Partnership Manager at XTM International

Roundtable Moderators