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GlobalSaké Experiences

Thursday, May 19, 2022 Colorado LocWalk™

GlobalSaké Cofounder, John Hayato, led the first GlobalSaké LocWalk™ in Colorado on Thursday, May 19 at 3:30 pm MDT. The event started and ended at New Terrain, a local brewery, with a walk around and up part of North Table Mountain

On May 19, GlobalSaké had our first LocWalk in Golden, Colorado led by John Hayato Branderhorst! Fitness is an important part of the lives of GlobalSaké Cofounders Talia Zur Baruch and John Hayato and so it's only natural that connection and community building with others include exercise like a nice walk. This LocWalk the group was treated to beautiful (but windy) weather, beers at the end, and a blue grass band concert. The group is already planning the next Colorado LocWalk and while the walk may not start and end at a brewery, it will for sure be a beautiful walk with a great group of people!

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