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GlobalSake 2022 Performances

Live World Music Concerts At Our Interactive Virtual Events

Q1 Concert: Salut de Smyrne | March 3, 2022

On Love, Life, and the resilience of the Human spirit. Did you know that in Turkish and Greek there are 6 different words for "love"? Salut de Smyrne plays the music of Smyrna, now Izmir, when Greeks and Turks shared the same city. The music they play, like their city, is neither Greek nor Turkish. It is an open book of history. And it belongs to the curious. Serap on vocal, Murat on oud, Deniz on santur. Listen on Spotify.

Q3 Concert: Maria Vanedi and Daniel Linero | Sept 1, 2022

"Electronic Rumba" rhythms. Electro Cuba with Maria Vanedi and Daniel Linero. Machine & Human. Details posted soon! Hear a sample.

Q2 Concert: Chapi Pineda | June 2, 2022

Chapi Pineda, a Flamenco guitar maestro, toured with legendary Camaron and Paco de Lucia, and Manuel Montilla playing on cajón. Their music invokes the infinite freedom within the rigid mathematical pattern structure of Flamenco melodies.

Q4 Concert: Katerina L'Dokova | Dec 1, 2022

Ethno-jazz piano & vocal concert inspired by Belarusian folk tales and Portuguese jazz. When folk and jazz talk with Katerina L'Dokova. More details posted soon!

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