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Upskill Professional Training Program:

LocLearn Applied Learning Courses

Master Class Training Program via interactive live Zoom classes:


With Professor Talia Zur Baruch

Course 1: October 21-December 16, 2023. SOLD OUT! 

Course 2: January 13-March 16, 2024. SOLD OUT! 

Course 3: April 5-June 28, 2024. SOLD OUT! 

Course 4: July 7 to August 25, 2024. (50% full!)


Ready to expand your career-growth journey? This course trains professionals in Global-Ready Product Management rounded skills and helps participants become effective cross-functional leaders. Space is limited. Email Talia directly for any questions: and submit your application form here.

Standard annual salary for International Product Management (according to Glassdoor): $230,000-$370,000+

Program Overview: 

Only 5% of global companies reach scalable global growth. What makes them resilient in the rapidly changing environments? In this course, you'll learn how to create an adaptive global-ready on-the-go product strategy for maximizing scalable adoption in new markets. You'll learn how to make products effectively more discoverable, usable, and valuable for the diverse populations and use cases of the world

Class Participation

This course is designed to train professionals (entry-level career starters to experienced executive career-ladders) who are interested in growing their professional leadership in International Product Management. 

Whether you're a college graduate of International Marketing/Business or a savvy Senior Localization Manager seeking a leadership career in Product, this upskill practical, applied learning, cross-disciplinary course is perfect to get you on that path!

Class PROgram

Eight interactive virtual live (real-time) class sessions on Zoom (2 hours each, a total of 16 class hours) + 1:1 "office hours" + optional in-person meet-ups for industry relationship building, knowledge sharing, collaborations and good fun!

class schedule

Class Schedule for Course 3. Q2 2024:

8 weekly sessions on Fridays 4-6pm PDT

  • April 5, 19, 26

  • May 10, 17

  • June 14, 21, 28

Class Schedule for Course 4. Q3 2024:

8 weekly sessions on Sundays 9-11am PDT

  • July 7, 14, 21, 28

  • August 4, 11, 18, 25

Live interactive course via real-time Zoom classes: $790.00

Special promotions:
10% early-bird discount: $711.00 (SOLD OUT)
20% discount in group registration of 3 or more participants: $632.00 (promo code: TEAMS20)

*Async learning pass: $550.00 (for participants who cannot attend any of the 8 live zoom class sessions.)

How do we develop, design, and deliver products that are discoverable, usable, and valuable for the diverse populations and use cases of the world? How do we identify and integrate the relevant regional and cultural factors upfront in our product ideation, prototyping, dev/design, and launch cycles?

This practical, interactive, applied-learning course will train you on the fundamental frameworks and methodologies for creating upfront Adaptive Global-Ready and Geo-Fit PRDs (product requirement documents) and Country Playbooks for optimizing adoption in new markets.

You will learn how to optimize core funnels in the unique user journey: from product discoverability in new markets, quality high-intent customer acquisition, engagement, conversion to paid, retention, and brand-bond loyalty. This course includes eight class modules of 2-hours each + in-person meetups and 1:1 “office hours.” Review the class modules here.

About the teacher and curriculum developer: 

TaliaBaruch_headshot profile photo.jpg

Talia Zur Baruch is a Global-Ready Product & Growth-Marketing Executive and Educator, helping companies maximize adoption in new markets on a global scale. Partial client list here.


Talia was Head of International Product & Growth at LinkedIn and SurveyMonkey/Momentive AI and has 23+ years of experience leading localization at Google, VMware, and Starbucks. She is the CEO Cofounder of GlobalSaké, creating a global community of cross-functional tech executives driving international expansion (2,500+ members worldwide) for industry knowledge sharing and collaborations. Talia has been Adjunct Professor at Hult International Business School, at San Francisco State University and at CEDIM Design Graduate School in Mexico City, teaching Global Product Management, International Growth Marketing, and Design Thinking at the Executive MBA programs . She’s a guest lecturer at MiiS (Middlebury Institute of International Studies) and is a regular speaker at industry conferences around the globe.

Testimonials from a sample of the course participants

Eda Ergun Binen_Apple.jpg

Eda Ergun Binen, Technical Localization Producer, Apple Inc.

I'm incredibly impressed by the depth and practicality of this program. Led by Talia Zur Baruch, an expert in the field, this course provides a comprehensive dive into developing global-ready product strategies, understanding diverse cultural contexts, and tailoring products for different markets. I’m excited to apply these learnings and elevate my skill set in localization and product management. Thank you so much, Talia, for offering your valuable experiences with us!

Carlos Barbero Cortes_DocuSign.jpg

Carlos Barbero Cortes, Senior Language Manager at DocuSign

If you are a Product Manager, this course is a must-do to get your product global-ready from the get-go. 

If you are a Localization professional, this course is for you to understand the requirements that product managers need to consider, and become a more effective cross-functional collaborator. Great content and the guest speakers are amazing! I look forward for the next-level course offering, so I can keep learning from you.

Cissy Shengya_Salesforce.jpg

Cissy Shengya Liu, Senior Localization Program Manager at Salesforce

I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in international product strategies. Talia, the expert guest speakers she invites, and the classmates--all contribute to very insightful, eye-opening content.

Priscilla Knoble_Adobe.jpg

Priscilla Knoble, Senior Director, International Product Strategy, Adobe

International Product Management is not for the faint of heart or those who want quick wins. The class that Talia created is excellent and practical. I recommend it for those looking to expand their skill set and grow their career path in Product Management Leadership.

Alessandra Binazzi_ASICS.jpg

Alessandra Binazzi, Consultant, ex Head of Global Localization, ASICS 

This course is a perfect combination of applied International Product Management, expert industry guest speakers, and great connections with other global professional leaders. The class projects get us to roll up our sleeves and practice what we’ve learned in each class.
I highly recommend it! 

Anastasia Cruz_Roblox.jpg

Anastasia Cruz, Localization Manager, Roblox

Such a wealth of hands-on knowledge! I’m grateful to be a part of this class and absolutely recommend it to anyone in the localization/globalization industries and beyond. Amazing group of peer professionals in this class too. Talia, thank you for sharing your precious experience with us!

Victoria Haïk_Acclaro.jpg

Victoria Haïk, Global Program Manager, Acclaro

Really enjoying this class. What a great up-skill opportunity to extend our Localization knowledge into the world of product management. The classes are well planned and structured. Super happy to be learning with a great cohort of eager minds. We’re all learning the lingo and concepts that will help us communicate and plan for successful international product launches.

Marta Chereshnovska_Lilt.jpg

Marta Chereshnovska, Localization Production Manager, Lilt

Talia's class is fully packed with practical information and insights. Highly recommended for everyone interested in managing product development with international expansion! Additionally, it provides an excellent chance to network with professionals in the industry. I appreciate you sharing your valuable experiences with us, Talia Zur Baruch! 🙏🏻

Junjun Cao_Chegg.jpg

Junjun Cao, Senior Localization Manager, Chegg

Loved the topics covered in this course: very relevant for localization professionals and go beyond the “localization operations bubble.“

This course also covers the key business strategy drivers for global growth!

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